Verloop : Home Page Experience: Punching Below or Above in Niche Category – 1

Verloop provides Conversational AI for Customer Support. Let’s figure out their potential target audience, and what action they want from target audience. First, let’s checkout their landing page.

I don’t claim expertise in AI domain. It’s an attempt to understand AI chatbot from layman POV.

Target Personas:
Founders: Interested in a larger picture. Growth in revenue, decrease in operational cost with fewer staff, customer retention/delight metrics.
Tech Team: Mostly integrations they can achieve. Ex.: Technical request they receive about WhatsApp marketing from founders/marketers.


10 Items in Navigation!
More items in navigation means, lower CTR. It decreases engagement and conversion by adding more option, hence confusion.

Platform Dropdown in Navigation

All 6 point is part of “Platform” drop-down in navigation. I’m unable to connect all 6 points under one roof. If I would be re-organizing all 6 points. Analytics, Agent Assist, Even Unified Customer Journey : Features. Secret Recipe or technology can be title of conversational intelligence, integrations, and security.

Hero Section

Conversional AI for Support Team has “zero promise”. It’s wasted real estate. Secondary Promise “Delightful Support Experience” is a nice start. Should it have what it needs to be primary tagline?

Supporting Text:
First line is utter repeat of secondary tagline. Second line is throwing words AI, NLP, ML, Natural Language with no substance.

Has My Order Been Placed? It’s a common question in eCommerce. Smiling face denotes delight. All icons suggest, availability of channels. Missing piece in puzzle is! No promise has been made on right side.

1.) Solving 90%+ Customer Quqries within 30 seconds.
2.) Impossible To Know! Bot is replying or human.
3.) Super Emphatic Conversational Bot.

Common reason for customer frustration are “Late shipping, missing items in orders”. Deploying answer with empathy shows how Verloop’s product is better than competitor.

Benefits of Verloop

2 Key Points in description deserves their own spotlight!
1.) Always Changing Customer Demands
2.) Personalized support in language and channel of their choice

First point should be creating urgency. With Verloop’s intelligent analytics identifying customer demands. Second point helps them differntiate from competitors like “Zendek”

Finally, we are getting some data. I would love to know whether founder/marketer okay with “Right Response 90% of the Time”. Is it a turn off or positive response. [PS: AI noob writing a piece on AI]

Marketers and founders are always looking for new shiny toy. Like new model of attribution, and consumer jounrey, Unified Customer Profile can be a x-factor. That was missing in founder’s life. Suddenly solved pairing with CRM.

I thought, we were talking about Customer Experience as in product. However, customer support is one of the major reason for churn in SAAS.

Unfolding Journey: Platform Section

I have to address elephant in the room. [Warning: Not UI expert] Agency dashboard, Nudge looks like buttons. Decrease CTR of read more with more options.

90% customer satisfation might be a good score. They are equipping agents do their job better.

A fancy way of saying, conversational support is available on all channels. ‘Whatsapp’ is an emerging channel of support by most companies. I am surprised, they haven’t created a dedicated section for that.

Testimonial Section:

Testimonial vs Case Study

Numbers on left side awes me. Mixing testimonial with case study is interesting ux choice. Challenge is : Any relevant info about 94% improvement in lead qualification is not mentioned on right side.

11 Data Points

Hey, why should our prospects buy subscriptions to Verloop? Have we covered the following points in our landing page breakdown?
1.) % of Open Rate
2.) Reduction in FRT [First Reply Time]
3.) % of Chat Support
4.) % Improvement in lead qualification
5.) 0% Missed Chats
6.) % Increase in Customer Engagement
7.) Language Supported (Kind of covered)
8.) Average CSAT [Customer Satisfaction Time] (Used in illustration)
9.) % of Bot Deflection
10.) No. of Customers Supported

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